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"Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there." Rumi

How I work

 My therapeutic approach has been shaped by many factors, including my own personal and spiritual journey. My lived experiences have informed how I work as much as my professional experiences and trainings, and I bring all that I have gained to each client relationship and combine that with a range of psychotherapeutic tools and approaches.

I work in an integrative way, using techniques drawn from psychodynamic, humanistic and existential therapy, inspired by your specific life experience, personality and holistic self. I also work in an embodied way, supporting you to become aware of how your emotional and psychological challenges are experienced in your body, as a way to reach and heal the root of your issue. This could include bringing awareness to the specific sensations, movements or gestures in the body and supporting breathing and body techniques. I aim to incorporate all levels of your experience, the physical, mental. emotional and spiritual, the whole of who you are as a person. When relevant powerful techniques such as , guided meditations, mindfulness and Neuro-linguistic Programming are employed.

My intention as a therapist is to offer you an empathic, accepting space where you can express yourself, understand unconscious patterns that are creating unhappiness in your life, reconnect with your true, authentic self and develop greater self-awareness so you can move towards your desired life with power and purpose.

Being from a minority culture and having worked with many people from diverse communities, I can understand at a deep level what it means to be different, feel isolated, and not belong, as well as how important it is to be given a space for expression of our differences and cultural backgrounds and build our sense of belonging. I appreciate that these experiences have enabled me to provide this space with sensitivity.

We can work together for a shorter period of weeks or months or should you wish to, for longer-term work.

 I offer therapy in English and Turkish. I work via online and phone.

I charge an hourly rate of £70 for individuals, with reduced rates for low-income clients.

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